Klaus Eckelt

Klaus Eckelt

I'm a PhD student and research assistant in the Visual Data Science Lab of the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria. My research focuses on interactive visualizations in the biomedical field. Together with my colleagues, I design and build data analysis tools to support domain experts. I received my master's and bachelor's degrees at Vienna University of Technology, where I became interested in life sciences and the analysis of biomedical data.

I'm teaching assistant for the Information Visualization, Visual Analytics, Explainable AI, and Computer Graphics courses at the Johannes Kepler University, and for the Visualisation module at the Imperial College Business School.


Peer-Reviewed Journal and Conference Papers

Kokiri screenshot

Klaus Eckelt, Patrick Adelberger, Markus J. Bauer, Thomas Zichner, Marc Streit
Kokiri: Random-Forest-Based Comparison and Characterization of Cohorts
IEEE VIS Workshop on Visualization in Biomedical AI, 2022

Coral screenshot

Patrick Adelberger, Klaus Eckelt, Markus J. Bauer, Marc Streit, Christian Haslinger, Thomas Zichner
Coral: a web-based visual analysis tool for creating and characterizing cohorts
Bioinformatics, 2021

TourDino screenshot

Klaus Eckelt, Patrick Adelberger, Thomas Zichner, Andreas Wernitznig, Marc Streit
TourDino: A Support View for Confirming Patterns in Tabular Data
EuroVis Workshop on Visual Analytics (EuroVA '19), 2019