Vaishali Dhanoa

Vaishali Dhanoa

I'm a PhD student and project assistant in the Visual Data Science Lab of the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria. My research focuses on interactive visualizations in the data visualization field. Together with my colleagues, I design and build data analysis tools to support domain experts. Prior to this , I worked as a software developer at Intel, Linz (now owned by Apple) while pursuing my my master's at Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria, with a major in Pervasive Computing. My education at JKU and work at Intel inspired me to venture into the field of data sciences.

I also work as a researcher at Pro2Future, GmbH , where my duties involve collaborating with industrial partners and help them find insights in their data.



Barriers screenshot

Conny Walchshofer, Vaishali Dhanoa, Marc Streit, Miriah Meyer
Transitioning to a Commercial Dashboarding System: Socio-technical Observations and Opportunities
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (IEEE VIS '23, to appear), 2023

Peer-Reviewed Journal and Conference Papers

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Matej Vukovic, Vaishali Dhanoa, Markus Jäger, Conny Walchshofer, Josef Küng, Petra Krahwinkler, Belgin Mutlu, Stefan Thalmann
A Forecasting Model-Based Discovery of Causal Links of Key Influencing Performance Quality Indicators for Sinter Production Improvement
Iron & Steel Technology, 2021