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Fuzzy Spreadsheet augments traditional spreadsheets with compact in-cell visualizations. To explore the features of Fuzzy Spreadsheet please follow the instructions.

Pre-Installation Checklist

Any of the latest browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge.


  1. Download manifest.xml file and save it locally.
  2. Open the Excel Online document in a new tab.
  3. Go to Insert → Office Add-Ins → Manage My Add-Ins → Upload My Add-In (as shown in Figure 1).
  4. Upload locally stored manifest.xml file.
  5. Open Fuzzy Spreadsheet side panel by clicking on ‘Show Taskpane’ (Home → Commands Group → Show taskpane).
Figure 1 - Upload manifest.xml file

Post-Installation Checklist

  1. Load the add-in and click on the "Initialize" button in the side panel (as shown in Figure 2).
  2. Select a cell in the worksheet and click on "Mark as Reference Cell" button in the side panel.
  3. Choose the options "Influencing the reference cell" and "Influenced by the reference cell".
  4. Change the "degree of neighborhood" to 1.
  5. This should show the glyphs in the related cells.
  6. You can then choose to click on "Impact", "Likelihood" and/or "Distribution" and analyze the in-cell encodings along with the side-panel information (as shown in Figure 3).
Figure 2 - Load add-in and Click on the "Initalize" button
Figure 3 - Select the options to view in-cell encodings