StoryStore: Interactive Storytelling for Dashboard Onboarding

StoryStore Teaser


Onboarding a user to a visualization dashboard entails explaining the components in the dashboard. Authoring an onboarding experience is time-consuming, requires significant knowledge, and provides little guidance on best practices. Using the onboarding experience, on the other hand, can be either confusing and overwhelming, or tedious and unengaging, depending on the expertise of the user. We propose interactive storytelling for onboarding to create semi-automated onboarding for varying user expertise while preserving the user's agency, interest, and engagement. We present a set of storytelling primitives inspired by open-world narrative design to blend guided and free-form narration. These primitives can be viewed at varying levels of detail depending on the expertise of the user. To validate the concept, we have implemented it in a tool called StoryStore that allows authors to craft custom onboarding stories using automatic storyboard templates or by starting from scratch. Even automatically generated onboarding stories can still be customized to use different media (such as video, audio, or highlighting) or new narratives to provide a tailored onboarding experience for individual users or groups. We demonstrate the usefulness of interactive story-based onboarding by means of use cases and expert interviews.



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