Visualizing and Monitoring the Process of Injection Molding

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In injection molding machines the molds are rarely equipped with sensor systems. The availability of non-invasive ultrasound-based in-mold sensors provides better means for guiding operators of injection molding machines throughout the production process. However, existing visualizations are mostly limited to plots of temperature and pressure over time. In this work, we present the result of a design study created in collaboration with domain experts. The resulting prototypical application uses real-world data taken from live ultrasound sensor measurements for injection molding cavities captured over multiple cycles during the injection process. Our contribution includes a definition of tasks for setting up and monitoring the machines during the process, and the corresponding web-based visual analysis tool addressing these tasks. The interface consists of a multi-view display with various levels of data aggregation that is updated live for newly streamed data of ongoing injection cycles.


Christian A. Steinparz, Thomas Mitterlehner, Bernhard Praher, Klaus Straka, Holger Stitz, Marc Streit
Visualizing and Monitoring the Process of Injection Molding
Electronic Imaging, 35(1): 403-1--403-1, doi:10.2352/EI.2023.35.1.VDA-403, 2023.
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